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Estradiol Benzoate Injection

  • [Main Ingredients]
    Estradiol benzoate

    Estradiol Benzoate Injection is a colorless or light yellow clear oily liquid

    Estradiol promotes normal growth and development of female organs and secondary sexual characteristics. It can increase the secretion of cervical mucosal cells, thicken vaginal mucosa, promote endometrial hyperplasia and increase uterine smooth muscle tension. Estradiol also affects the skeletal system: increasing bone calcium deposition, accelerating skeletal closure and bone formation, and moderately promoting protein synthesis, as well as increasing water and sodium retention. In addition, estradiol also negatively regulates the release of gonadotropins from the anterior pituitary gland, thereby inhibiting lactation, ovulation, and secretion of male hormones.

    To treat retained fetal membranes, metritis and pyometra, and can help eliminate uterine inflammatory substances, stillbirth, and oxytocin production. Small doses are used for animal aphrodisiasis in estrus, excessive estrus in female dogs, and breast swelling and pain in pseudopregnant dogs.

    [Usage and Dosage]
    Intramuscular injection: one dose, horse - 5~10ml; cow - 2.5~10ml; sheep - 0.5~1.5ml; pig - 1.5~5ml; dog - 0.1~0.25ml.

    [Adverse Reactions]
    -In dogs, cats and other small animals: can cause blood cachexia, more common in older animals or high-dose applications. Initially the platelets and leukocytes increase, but gradually develope into platelet and leucocyte decline. A severe form can be aplastic anemia.
    -Can cause cystic endometrial hyperplasia and pyometra
    -Cows have extended estrus and lactation may decrease. Premature, follicular cysts can appear after treatment

    The above-mentioned effects are mostly caused by excessive application, and adjusting the dose can reduce or eliminate these adverse reactions.

    -Do not use this product in animals in early pregnancy to avoid miscarriage or fetal malformation.
    -Can be used for treatment, but it should not be detected in animal food.

    [Withdrawal period]
    28 days for cows, sheep, and pigs. 7 days for milk withdrawal.

    Store in an airtight container, protect from light.

Sex hormone drugs. Estradiol Benzoate Injection is mainly used for aphrodisiac of animals with unobvious estrus and discharge of retained placenta and stillbirth