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Cloprostenol Sodium Injection

  • Cloprostenol Sodium Injection is an artificially synthesized homologue of prostaglandin F2a. It is able to cause quick regression of corpus luteum with strong luleolytic effect and suppress its secretion ; It can cause contraction of uterine smooth muscles and cervical relaxation sine it has a direct excitatory effect on uterine smooth muscles. Generally , animals with normal sexual sycle will be in estrus 2 to 5 days after treatment and cattle that are 10 to 150 days pregnant will miscarry 2 to 3 days after injection of this product.

    In veterinary clinical practice , this product can be used to induce estrus synchronization for female animals, cure diseases such as persistent corpus luteum , corpus luteum cysts and follicular cysts for femal cattle; It also can be applied in parturition synchronization for pregnant sows or eves as well as the treatment of uterus subinvolution , retained fetal membranes , endometritis and pyometra after delivery.

    [Generic name]
    Cloprostenol Sodium Injection

    [Main Ingredients]
    Cloprostenol Sodium Injection is a sterile aqueous solution of cloprostenol sodium

    Cloprostenol Sodium Injection is a colorless, clear liquid

    This product is a synthetically produced prostaglandin E2 homologue. It can dissolve the corpus luteum, can quickly cause the corpus luteum to subside, and inhibit its secretion; also has a direct excitatory effect on the uterine smooth muscle, can cause uterine smooth muscle contraction and cervical relaxation. For animals with normal sex cycle, they usually have estrus within 2~5 days after treatment. Cows between 10 and 150 days of pregnancy usually have miscarriages 2 to 3 days after the injection. It can be used to induce estrus in dams, and to treat prolonged corpus luteum, corpus luteum cyst, and follicular cyst in cows. It can also be used for the contemporaneous delivery of pregnant pigs and goats, as well as the treatment of postpartum uterine incomplete recovery, the retention of placenta, endometritis and pyometra.

    It can dissolve the corpus luteum, and is mainly used to induce estrus in cows and induction of labor in pregnant sows.

    [Usage and Dosage]
    Intramuscular injection: one dose, cattle - 0.2-0.3 mg, and sow - 0.05-0.1 mg (the 112th - 113th day of pregnancy)

    Seal and store in a dark place below 20℃.

Prostaglandin drugs. Cloprostenol Sodium Injection has a powerful effect of dissolving the corpus luteum and directly exciting the smooth muscle of the uterus. It is mainly used to control the estrus of cows at the same time and induce delivery by pregnant sows.