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Progesterone Injection

  • [Generic Name] 
    Progesterone Injection

    [Main Ingredients]

    This product is a colorless or light yellow clear oily liquid.

    Based on the fuction of estrogen, progesterone can promote the development of the endometrium and glands, inhibit the contraction of uterine muscles, weaken the response of uterine muscle to oxytocin, and ensure tocolysis. The feedback mechanism inhibits the secretion of luteinizing hormone from the anterior pituitary and inhibits estrus and ovulation. In addition, it works together with estrogen to stimulate the development of breast acini and preparation for lactation

    Used for habitual or threatened abortions and estrus during estrus, delays ovulation in cattle and horses, and inhibits estrus in dam.

    [Usage and Dosage]
    Intramuscular injection; one dose.
    Horse & cow - 1 ~ 2ml; sheep & pig - 0.3 ~ 0.5ml; dog - 0.04 ~ 0.1ml.

    [Adverse Reactions]
    No adverese reactions were found with the recommended usage and doages.

    -Long-term use can prolong pregnancy
    -Do not use in lactating cows

    [Withdrawal period]
    30 days for cows, sheep, and pigs

    Store in an airtight container, protect from light.

Sex hormone drugs. Progesterone Injection  is used to prevent miscarriage.