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Serum Gonadotrophin for Injection (PMSG)

  • PMSG is a complex glycoprotein obtained from the serum of pregnant mares. This 43-63 kda protein is capable of supplementing and being substituted for the follicle stimulating and interstitial cell-stimulating hormone of the anterior pituitary gland in both the male and female. Thus PMSG-Intervet stimulates development of the ovarian follicle in the female.

    [Generic Name] 
    Serum Gonadotrophin for Injection

    [Main Ingredients]
    Pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin

    This product is white freeze-dried block-shaped substance or powder.

    This product has follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing (LH)-like effects. It can promote follicle maturation, ovulation and corpus luteum production, and stimulate the corpus luteum to secrete progesterone in female livestock. It can promote the secretion of androgen in testicular stromal cells and promote the formation of spermatozoa in male livestock.

    Mainly used to induce estrus and promote follicle development in dams; also used for superovulation during embryo transfer.

    [Usage and Dosage]
    Subcutaneous, intramuscular injection: one dose. 
    -For estrus: horses & cattle - 1,000~2,000 units; sheep - 100~500 units; pigs - 200~800 units; dogs - 25~200 units; cats - 25~100 units; rabbits & otters - 30 ~50 units. 
    -For superovulation: cows - 2,000~4,000 units; ewe - 600~1,000 units.

    Diluted with 2-5ml sterile saline before use.

    -Avoid long-term use to avoid antibodies and inhibit gonadotropin function.
    -This product solution is extremely unstable, and is not heat-resistant. It should be used in a short time.

    [Adverse Reactions]
    Individual animals may have allergies. Routine treatment with dexamethasone or epinephrine is sufficient.

    Seal and store in a dark place at 2~10℃, protect from light.

Hormonal drugs. Serum Gonadotrophin for Injection (PMSG)  is mainly used for aphrodisiac and follicular development in female animals, and also for superovulation during embryo transfer.