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Vagina/ Nasal/ Anal Douche

FEATURES: convenient, anti-contamination, deep cleansing, sufficient volume
APPLICATION: Supporting the use of washing mouth, nose, anus and vagina for medical department and families.
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  • Vagina/ Nasal/ Anal Douche, Manual pressure washer

    convenient, anti-contamination, deep cleansing, sufficient volume



    The product is made of medical polymer material and composed of liquid storage bottle, pump head, rinse tube and connecting tube.



    Supporting the use of washing mouth, nose, anus and vagina for medical department and families. The product is for single use.



    1. Unique water outlet: It is distributed in the flushing tube with a uniform water output to allow water to vortex in the vagina for further and deeper washing.


    2. Smooth & physiologically designed flushed tube: it can be easily put into the vagina, and it is simple to disassemble, so it can be replaced at any time to prevent infection.


    3. Scientific pressure device: labor saving and no dirty water return, control flow according to manual pressure.


    4. Extensive application:

    a. Can be used for cleaning before and after surgery.

    b. Can be used for vaginal cleansing before and after sex. It can rinse the deep part of the vagina and distribute the drug evenly and effectively to the vagina.

    c. Can be used to flush the rectum.

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