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Postoperative Rehabilitation Underwear (Circumcision Underwear)

Liberation from circumcision
Postoperative Rehabilitation Underwear are pants worn immediately after circumcision in order to avoid wound friction with clothes.
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    Postoperative Rehabilitation Underwear (Circumcision Underwear)

    Liberation from circumcision



    Postoperative Rehabilitation Underwear are pants worn immediately after circumcision in order to avoid wound friction with clothes.



    1. The pants is made of cotton fabric, which can absorb sweat, maintain cool and comfortable during wearing.

    2. The cover creates space between the wound and clothes, which helps to protect the wound from rubbing with clothes, so as to release the pain and bleeding of patients.

    3. The cover is designed as transparent, which is easy for doctor or patients to observe the wound and to change dressing materials.

    4. The pants is designed as a hard sponge of half-oval shape with holes, which provides a dry and clean environment with air circulation so as to reduce the wound infection after surgery.



    Applicable to the medical department and family for male genital surgery such as penile circumcision, male hypospadias surgery, male urethra plastic surgery and other postoperative wound protection and observation, as well as isolation treatment of male genital sexually transmitted diseases.



    1.     Release wound pain and reduce the possibility of infection after operation.

    2.     Prevent wound from clothes friction, promotes the healing process.

    3.     Transparent cover for would observation.

    4.     Normal work and life after operation.

    5.     Simple care and easy dressing changes for postoperative wound.

    6.     Adjustable waist belt for various belly sizes from children to adult.


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