China's Covid-19 vaccine is to be on the market by end of 2020

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China's Covid-19 vaccine is to be on the market by end of 2020

On August 23, Zhang Yuntao, vice president of China National Biotechnology Co., Ltd., introduced the company's Covid-19 inactivated vaccine research and development progress. Currently, the vaccine is undergoing clinical trials in many countries around the world. He said that there is a high possibility that it will be available by the end of this year.

Zhang Yuntao introduced that at this year's service trade fair, the company will take the form of online and offline synchronization to focus on displaying new coronavirus nucleic acid molecular detection reagents, new coronavirus inactivated vaccines and other products.

"We are accelerating the development of Phase III clinical trials. As the epidemic situation in China is very well controlled, so for Phase III clinical trials, we have turned to foreign countries. The time to be on market for vaccines depends on the results of Phase III clinical studies, and it is very likely to be listed at the end of this year.” Zhang Yuntao said.

It is understood that after the Covid-19 vaccine production workshops of the two research institutes of China Biology are put into use, it will be able to ensure that the total annual production capacity of Covid-19 vaccines will reach 220 million doses.

Recently, Liu Jingzhen, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Sinopharm Group, revealed in an interview with the media that one dose of vaccine is 4 micrograms, which can reach protection rate of about 97%, and two doses of vaccine, the protection rate can reach 100%.


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2020-08-25 18:13