An agreement can clearly state the relationship and product requirements between Acare and Customers. Acare believes that conducting business in a transparent manner is also the best way to help us understand each other so as to grow stronger together.



    Some countries require a facility inspection by their MOH officials, unless previously inspected, in order to complete product registration, which is also an effective method to ensure the facilities producing products meeting their MOH requirements. While some other countries may only require specific documentation proving the safety and quality standards of their products from the facilities. Acare supports such inspections and assists the facility to meet requirement better.



    Dossiers and documentations are vital for registration in any country. Acare has professional registration team supporting such dossiers according to registration guideline of different countries.
    Proper documentation is essential in almost every aspect of the pharmaceutical/ medical device industry. Whether for product registration, factory inspection, or internal quality control, Acare has experienced team to streamline and process information. All facilities possess up-to-date Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), CE, TUV, and/or ISO certificates that reflect high quality standards and WHO rules and regulations. Essential product registration documents, such as the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (COPP), Free Sales Certificate (FSC), Certificate of Origin (COO), Certificate of Analysis (COA) and Marketing Authorizations (MA) are among the many documents our registration team frequently submit for registration purposes. Likewise, technical files are repeatedly checked for consistency and accuracy for both internal quality control purposes and in preparation of inspections.



    Excellent packaging is one of the most important aspects in marketing the products, and different markets requires differently on label. Acare provides Acare brand package with nice materials and reasonable design. Acare also has outstanding designers supporting OEM packaging requirement of our customers.



    Samples are required by some countries for testing to complete product registration. Acare performs strict supplier pre-audit system to guarantee the products quality, factories are inspected by pharmacists before first time cooperation. Pharmaceutical formulations and Health supplements are manufactured from GMP approved plants. Pharmaceuticals comply to CP, BP, USP or EP specification, medical device carry ISO, CE, FDA or NMPA certifications. 



    After all documents have been prepared and samples produced, Acare will assist customers to revise and supplement as per comments from local authority, and finally submit qualified documentations for approval.



    Registration approval is mandatory for products importation and sales. Acare provides service on each link before, during and after sales. 

Except for conventional sales service, Acare also provides below service following registration procedure.
Acare cannot be successful unless our clients get successful. So, as your medical products solutions partner, our sole focus is to ensure your business flourishes.


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