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Oxygen Generator/ Concentrator

  • Type:

    1. Medical Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator (5L/10L, 93±3%)
    2. Non-Medical Portable Oxygen Concentrator (1L/3L, <90%)

    Accessories: Humidifier Bottle, Nasal Tube, Filter


    Medical oxygen generator is a kind of medical equipment that extracts oxygen from the air by using techniques such as Molecular sieve (pressure swing adsorption). It is suitable for oxygen therapy and health care in medical institutions and families.


    Technical Parameters:

    Working Principle: PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption/ Molecular Sieve)

    Power supply: AC220±22V, 55HZ±1HZ

    Oxygen Concentration: 93%±3%

    Oxygen Flow: 0.6~5L/min (5L); 1~10L/min (10L)

    Operation Noise: ≤54dB

    Filter System: Cooling air inlet cabin filter, Compressor inlet filter, Oxygen outlet filter

    Working Environmental Conditions: TEMP: 5°C~40°C; RH: 20%~80%

    Storage Environmental Conditions: TEMP: -10°C~40°C; RH: ≤80%

    Atmospheric Pressure: 86kPa~106kPa



    1. Classic design with dual use for both oxygen and automization
    2. Time accumulates function.
    3. Stable & continuous operating for 24h.
    4. Inner Storage design of cover for convenient medicine bring with you.
    5. Alarm System: Low Oxygen Concentration, Power off, Pressure Circulation Fault, Compressor Fault
    6. Auto cleaning.
    7. Dual Flow Mode: Optional


    Difference between Medical Oxygen Generators & Household Oxygen Generators:


    Medical Oxygen Generators

    Household Oxygen Generators



    NLT 90%

    NLT 30%, higher than the 21% oxygen concentration in normal life

    Target Users

    Suitable for both families healthcare use and hospitals in centralized oxygen supply, first aid, operating room, oxygen therapy room, etc.

    Can only be used in family as an aerobic healthcare product, mainly for healthy elderly, children and pregnant women at home.

    Use Method

    A nebulize hole should be placed in the outlet of the Oxygen, so that the gas entered the patient's mouth are more moisturizing.

    Does not change the gas composition in the air much


Medical oxygen generator is a kind of medical equipment that extracts oxygen from the air by using techniques such as Molecular sieve (pressure swing adsorption). It is suitable for oxygen therapy and health care in medical institutions and families.