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Phimosis Retractor Foreskin Dilator

The retractor is professionally designed for children aged 3-12 years to be treated with non-surgical intervention beforehand to correct the redundant prepuce and phimosis.
  • Phimosis Retractor Foreskin Dilator


    1. -Used in the treatments of children and adults with small preputial orifice, phimosis caused by adhesion of foreskin to glans and phimosis caused by foreskin scars. 
    2. -For open drainage during foreskin inflammatory stage.
    3. -For non-surgical and early intervention for children aged 3-12 with phimosis and adhesion of foreskin to glans.


    1. -Small size, light weight, smooth and round feet designs make it easy to be inserted into the foreskin for multiple times while bring few discomfort to patients.
    2. -High-intensity and 4-foot design guarantees continued, multi-angle and multi-directional expansion of the foreskin.
    3. -Even patients with especially narrow foreskin opening can immediately urinate smoothly after used the product.
    4. -Simple, safe and fast.
    5. -Non-surgical treatment: 
    6. Outpatient service, no need to be hospitalized.
    7. Not limited to long vacation or long leave.
    8. Avoid the pain and worries of surgery and anesthesia.
    9. -Total cost for patient is greatly reduced compared with traditional surgical circumcision.


    Size of expansion (mm): 3x3; 5x5; customized


    How to use?

    1. 1. Choose the right model of retractor according to the size of the foreskin opening and the elasticity of the skin.
    2. 2. Disinfect the foreskin opening with iodophor, and then apply with a little bit of topic anesthetic, such as Lidocaine Gel.
    3. 3. Wear the retractor through the narrowest part of the foreskin opening by tightening the foreskin opening and folding the Retractor’s legs.
    4. 4. To prevent it falling off, please stick the medical elastic tape to the skin.
    5. 5. Wear it 1-2 hours a day for 1-2 weeks continuously, until the foreskin can be opened easily.

Product Specifications