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Wireless Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Product Specifications


    Product Name

    Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

    Measurement Methods

    Oscillometric method

    Measuring Location

    Upper arm

    Measuring arm circumference


    Measuring range


    Pulse:40-199 pulses/min

    Measuring accuracy

    Pressure: ±0.4kPa/±3mmHg  

    Pulse: ±5% of reading


    Automatic by micro air pump


    Automatic electronic control valve

    Memory function

    2*90 group memories

    Automatic power off

    In 3 minutes after using

    Power Source

    4xAAAalkaline batteries

    Item Size

    139mm x 95mm x 34mm

    Operating Environment

    +5℃ to +40 ℃       

    15% to 85%RH

    Storage Environment

    -20℃ to +55℃       

    10% to 85%RH

    Way of use

    Fully automatic one-button measurement

    Product Features:

    Low Decibels, not interfere with drowsiness
    Blue backlight, large screen
    One-button measrement
    Smart Pressureized arm style
    Original ASP technology, master core alglorithms, using smart chips, more accurate measurement.

Low Decibels, not interfere with drowsiness
Blue backlight, large screen
One-button measrement
Smart Pressureized arm style
Original ASP technology, master core alglorithms, using smart chips, more accurate measurement.