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Medical Infrared Forehead Thermometer

  • Infrared Forehead Thermometer



    Measuring Accuracy

    ±0.2℃/ ±0.4

    Measuring localization

    Forehead and object surface

    Measuring range

    Body mode 32.0℃~43.0℃ (89.6-109.4)

    Object mode0.0~100.0℃ (32.0F~199.9)


    LCD digital display

    Measurement distance


    Automatic Power-off

    1 minute ± 20 seconds


    1 second

    Temperature unit


    Memory function

    20 sets memory of measurement values

    Power source

    3V DC,2*15V AAA batteries

    Main unit weight

    Approx. 75g (batteries not included)

    Main unit size

    L151.5mm * W53mm * H41mm


    Instruction manual

    Storage Range

    -20℃~55℃/ -4℉~131℉



    Some details of our IR thermometer:

    1. We use German Hyman K1C1 sensors for our IR thermometer instead of pirated sensor B7F55, which fails to pass the temperature test.

    2. After assembling, our IR thermometers are required to be calibrated and then placed in a constant temperature room for more than 2 hours before shipment.

    3. Our team owns the core software algorithm and clinical improvement ability. Rather than obtaining the NMPA medical registration certificate by submitting a document from hospital only, we conducted a comparison of clinical data for measurement accuracy.

    4. The factory production system is implemented in accordance with the international standards of the European Union ISO13485 and the US QSR 820, the quality can be guaranteed.

    5. The key components PCBA are all independently developed, designed, manufactured and processed. There are 4 SMT production lines and IC bonding lines.


In 2020 when COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, Infrared Thermometers were used to provide safe and accurate testing.